First Alabama Cavalry, U.S.A

-Homage To Patriotism

by Glenda McWhirter Todd

This book on the 1st AL Cav. USA and its soldiers can now be ordered from Heritage Publishing Co. by calling 1-800-398-7709, fax 1-800-276-1760. Order by name: "First Alabama Cavalry, U.S.A. - Homage To Patriotism" by Glenda McWhirter Todd. Pre-Publication price is $30.50 until 30 June 1999 at which time it will be $34.00.

The book includes a more complete roster than has ever been printed, with biographical information and photographs of many of the officers and soldiers, places of death and burial of many of the soldiers, regimental history of the 1st AL Cav. USA, a wonderful diary written by one of the officers, reports from the field and other information. It is 408 pages and includes a fullname index.

My sincere thanks to each of you who supplied information and/or photos of your ancestors, in order to have a documented history of these brave, patriotic soldiers who took a stand and fought for what they believed even though it was politically incorrect in their area of the United States at the time. It also dispels the myths that have been written by descendants of soldiers who served in the Confederacy, who called our ancestors "traitors". I have been researching this regiment and its soldiers for over fifteen years and felt they had a story to tell and I have told it as factually as possible.

Glenda McWhirter Todd