(According to Hoole in "Alabama Tories")


11/8/62	 	Bain, Alfred A.D.   		Corp.	Co. I
12/30/62	Bain, John D.H.   		Pvt.	Co. I
10/17/62 	Blevins, Dillard   		Pvt.	Co. K
2/14/63 	Blevins, John    		Pvt.	Co. K
11/7/64 	Brooks, John A.   		Pvt.	Co. K
10/30/63 	Brown, Elijah   		Pvt.  	Co. K
12/13/62 	Brown, William   		Pvt.	Co. K
10/21/62 	Calvert, Ralphord   		Pvt.	Co. I
10/23/62 	Campbell, Adam   		Pvt.	Co. I
11/22/62 	Canady, Isaac A.   		Pvt.	Co. I
2/12/65 	Crumbley, Thomas   		Pvt.	Co. H
11/12/62 	Davis, Archibald M.  		Pvt. 	Co. I
11/12/62 	Davis, Jesse    		Pvt.	Co. I
1/27/63 	Davis, Robert    		Pvt.	Co. I
1/28/63 	Edwards, James   		Pvt.	Co. K
12/22/62	Felton, Abraham   		Pvt. 	Co. I
10/20/62	Finerty, Thomas W.  		Corp. 	Co. K
4/19/64 	Gutherie, Calvin   		Pvt.	Co. I
12/9/63 	Harper, Temerson P. 		Pvt.	Co. K
1/15/65 	Hendon, Henry H.   		Pvt.	Co. D
12/6/62 	Hightower, Monroe   		Pvt.	Co. I
7/21/64 	Huey, Thomas   			Pvt.	Co. K
12/1/62 	Inman, Henry   			Pvt.	Co. K
10/16/62	Jaggers, Benjamin F.   		Pvt. 	Co. I
7/13/64 	James, William H.   		Pvt.	Co. I
12/6/62 	Jett, Isaac    			Pvt.	Co. I
8/31/63 	Jones, John B.   		Pvt.	Co. K
9/9/62  	Jones, McDonald   		Pvt.	Co. K
9/26/62 	Lawrence, William A. 		Pvt.	Co. K & A
10/21/62 	Lentz, John D.   		Pvt.	Co. K
12/24/62 	Logan, James M.   		Pvt.	Co. K
10/23/62 	Lott, Simeon    		Pvt.	Co. K
11/12/62 	Martin, Daniel   		Pvt.	Co. K
12/26/62 	Martin, Nathaniel G.		Pvt. 	Co. K
11/22/63 	McCulloch, Leroy M. 		Pvt. 	Co. K
10/23/62 	McCulloch, Samuel   		Pvt. 	Co. K
10/23/62 	McWhirter, Andrew F.		Pvt. 	Co. K
10/8/62 	McWhirter, George W. 		Pvt.  	Co. K
1/14/62 	Miles, William H.   		Pvt.	Co. K
12/27/62 	Milligan, William K.		Pvt.	Co. I
10/8/62 	Mitchell, John C.   		Pvt.	Co. I & A
11/17/62 	Mooney, Peter C.   		Pvt.	Co. K
10/29/62 	Nelson, Thomas M.   		Pvt.	Co. I
12/27/62 	Nesmith, John B.   		Pvt.	Co. I
1/5/63  	Oden, Andrew J.   		Pvt.	Co. I
12/21/64 	Patrick, William   		Pvt.	Co. I
4/13/64 	Perrett, Isaac R.   		Pvt.	Co. F
11/27/62 	Pettus, Egber J.   		Pvt.	Co. I
10/15/62 	Rhone, John R.   		Pvt.	Co. K
12/13/62 	Riggs, George    		Pvt.	Co. G
12/13/62 	Riggs, James A.   		Pvt.	Co. K
11/23/62	Russell, George W.		Pvt.	Co. K  (updated by Bill Thompson)
10/27/62 	Russell, James J.   		Pvt.	Co. K
9/13/62 	Russell, Jeremiah   		Pvt.	Co. K
10/10/62 	Self, Allen R.    		Pvt.	Co. I
10/27/62 	Self, Martin D.   		Pvt.	Co. I
8/24/64 	Selvery (Selvey) William H.	Pvt. 	Co. I
8/24/64 	Senyard, Henry C.   		Pvt.	Co. I
4/26/63 	Shafer, William H.    			H or B
10/1/62 	Sheets, John T.   		Corp., 	Co. I
					    1st Corp.
6/7/64  	Shehorn, Peter L. (or E.)  	Pvt.	Co. C
10/30/62	Smith, John M.   		Pvt.	Co. K
10/28/62 	Smith, Matthew J.   		Corp.	Co. K
10/8/62 	Speegle, Carroll K.		Pvt.	Co. I
11/9/64 	Stanton, Elijah A.		Pvt.	Co. A
10/26/62 	Stanton, John			Pvt.	Co. I
12/27/62 	Stephenson (Stevenson) Joseph H.Pvt.	Co. I
10/22/62 	Stewart, Andrew			Pvt.	Co. I
4/29/64 	Stokes, John W.			Pvt.	Co. A
10/30/62 	Stringer, James   		5thSgt.	Co. I
11/7/62 	Swan, Lambert W.   		Pvt.	Co. I
11/22/62 	Tedford, Thomas J.		Pvt.	Co. I&D
10/10/62 	Thornton, Martin V.		Pvt.	Co. K
12/19/62 	Turrentine, Martin F.		Pvt.	Co. I
10/17/62 	Woods, Joseph R.   		Pvt.	Co. K
7/25/63 	Turrentine, Martin J.		Pvt.,	Co. I&K
Did not state where he died. (Possibly the Martin F. listed above)