To request forms:
The National Archives Web Site can be accessed at:

Use the word "form" in the subject line and in the text of your message, be sure to include your mailing address and the number of the form you need. Some of the forms are:

       Form NATF 80 - Military service and pension records prior to World War I. 
       Form 81 - Passenger Arrivals 
       Form 82 - Copies of Census Records 
       Form 83 - Eastern Cherokee Applications 
       Form 180 - Military service records, World War I and later. 
Also include the number of forms you need.
There will be a place at the top of the NATF 80 Form for your credit card number, if you wish to use it, and that speeds up the process. Otherwise, they have to write and tell you they found the records and how much to send. The normal charge is $10.00 if they locate the records. There is no charge if they do not locate them.

The military records tend to lend a great deal of information, especially if there was a pension involved. The pension records usually give names of spouses, dates of birth, marriage, etc. and names of children and their birth dates.

If further assistance is needed, please contact Glenda M. Todd at FMicrosoft Works MSWorksWPDocࡱ; CompObj"E