1st Alabama Cavalry USA Soldiers who died as POW's at Andersonville

(According to Hoole in "Alabama Tories")

Date DiedName RankCompany
9/1/64Barton, William H. Pvt.Co. LPOW
12/1/64Beard, Alfred Pvt.Co. CPOW
8/3/64Bell, RobertPvt. Co. APOW
9/11/64Bice, John E. Pvt.Co. LPOW
8/13/64Booker, William W. Pvt.Co. EPOW
9/8/64Guthery, Isaac Pvt.Co. IPOW
6/26/64Henry, Peter Pvt.Co. FPOW
6/15/64Johnson (Johnston), Columbus W. Pvt. Co. F POW
5/10/64Jones, James F. Pvt.Co. KPOW
8/4/64Mitchell, John D. Pvt. Co. B&A POW
6/26/64Perrett, John R. Pvt.Co. FPOW
8/8/64Pounders, James B. Pvt. Co. H POW
10/13/64Redmond (Readman), Wm. A. Pvt.Co. GPOW
9/13/64Sisson, Oliver B. Pvt.Co. HPOW

(According to The Atwater List)Cause

9/1/64Barton, William 1 CavCo. LScorbutus
5/17/64Berry, J.M.1 Cav Sgt. Co. ADiarrhea
8/3/64Belle, Robt.1 Cav Co. ASysentery
8/13/64Boobur, Wm.1 Cav Co. EDiarrhea
9/11/64Brice, J.C.1 Cav Co. LScorbutus
9/8/64Guthrie, J.1 Cav Co. IScorbutus
6/26/64Henry, P.1 Cav Co. FPneumonia
3/15/64Jones, Jno. F. 1 CavCo. KAnasarca
8/4/64Mitchel, Jno D. 1Co. AScorbutus
8/8/64Ponders, J.1 Cav Co. HDiarrhea
8/15/64Panter, R.1 Co. LDiarrhea
8/25/64Patterson, W.D. 1Co. KDiarrhea
6/26/64Prett, J.R.1 Co. FDiarrhea
10/14/64Redman, W.R. 1 CavCo. GScorbutus
8/4/64Stubbs, W.1 Co. IBronchitis